Posted by: Philip Rushton | December 23, 2015

“We The People:” With guest poet Cassandra

homeless-1574178-639x879A friend of mine who currently resides at one of our local homeless shelters recently gave me a poem that she wrote.  After reading it I asked if she would be open to me sharing it with others.  She told me she would like her voice to be heard by as many people as possible.

I can’t think of a more fitting Advent reflection, for Advent is a story that belongs to those who are poor and broken. It is a story about our longing for hope in the midst of hardship.  In this poem, Cassandra gives us insight into what it is like to be homeless.  She shares with us her experiences, frustrations, and longings.

“We The People” by Cassandra Funz

We are worn, torn, broken down, but alive
Our thoughts are scattered, we feel deprived.

We struggle with our basic needs like shelter, clothing, and food. The sleep deprivation, cold, and hunger can create attitude

Some of you may see us as an eyesore
Most of us have less than nothing, we are the poor.

Stop pointing your finger, it’s not an excuse!
Give the people a chance, and stop the abuse!

Start listening and learning, no more discrimination
Otherwise, it will bring out a more hateful generation

People are people, we all want and need
Race does not matter, because we all bleed

If only we were to be better understood
But it’s hard reaching out for love in “the hood.”

We are all sinners and make mistakes
Please, do not judge us, everyone breaks.

We stumble and fall.
We cry, love, and brawl!

There is so much mental, physical, emotional pain.
Just taking life day by day, trying to remain.

There are so many personalities being forced together.
It is especially due to this extreme weather.

Hunger, here, is always a major issue.
I’m about to snap, can I have a tissue?

Some of us give, some of us take . . .
Whether we’re real, or whether we’re fake . . .
There’s only so much one person can take!

We are the good, the bad, and the in between.
Thank God for recovery, a chance to redeem.

Stop calling us zombies, there is no infection!
Give out more food, love and affection.

While dealing with the wind, rain, and freezing temps, it’s so very cold.
Please, before you throw out your torn or stained materials we will take it, even if it’s old.

There are so many things once taken for granted, now cherished. Without our guardian angel we surely would have perished.

We all came from the same great love.
We came from the sky, the heavens above.

Do not turn us away, and stop with the rejection.
We need support and a boost in the right direction.

People are people, we live, love, and cry.
Next time you see a stranger, please, say hi.

The simple acts of kindness can save some ones day.
It can, also, keep depressive and suicidal thoughts at bay.

Do not be afraid of what you do not understand.
It is a time for unity so come take my hand!

If you have never experienced how to be humble.
I pray, for you, that you may fall and stumble.

Also, I wish that you are not held down for too long,
But it’s in our hardships that make us strong.

“Good or bad, people are people,” this I have always said.
Please, help out the poor, so we do not end up dead.

We all have a purpose, and a reason to live.
Please find it in your hearts this season to give.

This is not a joke, just that you are aware.
So give this year, show the people you care.

Copyright Cassandra Funz 12-15-2015


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    | | | Well said!! Thank you for sharing. Carol |

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  2. Thanks, Phil, for sharing Cassandra’s heart. Poignant! Carol F.

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