Posted by: Philip Rushton | November 20, 2014

The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It

Grass is surprisingly resilient. If you are a lazy landscaper like me, the grass that gets burned during the summer months miraculously comes back to life in the middle of fall when the rains start up.

5995A couple of years ago my in-laws bought us a portable fire pit. Not knowing any better, we decided to place the fire pit in the middle of our lawn in the back yard. When I went to clean up the day after our first fire I realized my mistake. The heat from the fire had created a perfect circle of burned grass right in the center of our yard. However, while this patch of burned grass lasted a while, the grass slowly came back to life. I can no longer tell where the original fire pit burn had taken place. It is amazing what a little bit of water can do!

Last weekend we hosted our annual couples retreat at Cannon Beach. Our theme for the retreat was, “The Grass is Greener Where You Water It.” We reflected on the hope that our closest relationships can be nurtured and restored. We explored some practical ways in which we can nurture our relationship through communication, quality time together, working through conflict, and seeking to understand our spouses.

More than that, though, we celebrated the hope that the Holy Spirit functions like “living water,” that can restore and renew our relationships with one another. In John 4, Jesus offers this living water to a Samaritan woman who has a history of relational brokenness. She has had five different husbands and she is currently living with another man. However, rather than writing her off, as others in her culture had done, Jesus sees potential in her. He initiates a conversation with her and says that she too will have access to this living water.

Throughout the weekend we heard numerous stories of how God restored and renewed relationships after they had been burned by one issue or another. I left with a renewed hope that God can indeed bring about reconciliation and healing in our marriages and in the other important relationships in our lives.

We are about to enter the season of Advent. This is a season of anticipation of hope. It is a time where we retell the story of a light that comes into the darkness, and a hope breaks into our hopelessness. My prayer is that we might enter into that hope this Advent. God, I believe, continues to pour out his living water upon our dry and decaying world.


  1. Julie and Pastor Phil,,
    Thank You So Much for hosting this weekend. Sharon and I are so pleased You are here to guide us through this life maze.
    Blessings, Blessings.

  2. Looking forward to Advent, LCC does it quite nicely and we need all the hope we can get. ” my hope is built on nothing less”

  3. Well said my friend. It was a great weekend indeed. But so much more important is allowing God’s living water to work in and trough us in our lives and marriages!

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