Posted by: Philip Rushton | May 26, 2014

New Church Website Up And Running

After months of work we launched our new church website last week. You can check it out at here:

The cover shot for our new website by Greg Johnson

The cover shot for our new website by Greg Johnson

Thanks to Greg Johnson and Bob Gaston for taking great photographs, Julie Rushton for helping with design, Jonathan Thorsvik for his tech support, Steven Gliebe at for providing this great template, and the staff for collaboration and ideas. This was a fun, in house project, that we were able to do for 45 dollars!

Check it out and let us know what you think. We can make changes with the click of a button so we are open to input. We are working on adding an online giving platform and will soon be streaming our sermons online so you can listen to them if you miss a Sunday or want to revisit the material.

We are hoping that this will function as a helpful “front door” for people interested in checking out our church, and a great hub for resources and information for our current members. Check the site for upcoming events and current news. It also works on smart phones and tablets as it is a responsive format that adapts to any size screen.


  1. Congratulations Phil! You got it done, and the links work very well. Great photos too! Job well done!

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