Posted by: Philip Rushton | April 28, 2014

A Prayer For Eastertide

I have been invited to speak at another church this coming Sunday and they asked me to put together a liturgy for the worship service. I thought I’d share this call to worship that I wrote this morning. May our hearts be awakened to the resurrected Christ who actively pursues each of us wherever we find ourselves on the journey.

Leader: The resurrected Christ comes in search of his beloved.
He speaks a word of hope to a grieving woman.
He breathes his Spirit on the fearful disciples in a locked upper room.
He enlightens the confused on the road to Emmaus
He reveals himself to a doubting skeptic.
He invites those who have betrayed him to have breakfast on a beach.

Leader: Come, then, all who grieve,
People: And find comfort in Christ’s presence
Leader: Come, then, all who are fearful
People: And find courage in the Holy Spirit
Leader: Come, then, all who are doubtful and confused
People: And find space to pursue truth
Leader: Come, then, all who would disqualify themselves from grace
People: And find your place at the table of a generous host


  1. I like it!! Carol

  2. Can we read this the next Sunday at LCC?

  3. Bravo, Phil! That is superb! We should use it “at home” too.

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