Posted by: Philip Rushton | January 2, 2014

Winter Course Preview: Following Jesus In A Post-Christian Culture

It is no secret that the fabric of American culture has changed dramatically over the last few decades.   Our country has grown increasingly secular, many are lamenting what appears to be a decline in Christian influence in society, and statistics show that younger generations have become skeptical of the church.

A number of you have asked if we could provide a forum to talk about how we can engage these contemporary issues and challenges.  In response to this request I am going I am going to facilitate a course this winter on how to live faithfully in a an increasingly post-Christian culture.  The purpose of this course is to help us understand our culture better, and discover practical ways in which we can engage the issues of our day in redemptive ways.

Next-Christians-Logo-300x165To facilitate this discussion I will be on a number of resources from scripture and from contemporary writers.  The main book I will be drawing on is titled – The Next Christians: Following Jesus in a post-Christian society, by Gabe Lyons.

Lyons presents a hopeful outlook for the future of the church.  He begins by helping us understand our new cultural situation.  He then presents a number of practical ways that we can engage our world. He calls us to move beyond our unhelpful “culture wars” and focus on how we can be agents of restoration in our world.

This course will include talks from prominent thinkers like Timothy Keller, Scot MicKnight, Andy Crouch and Phyllis Tickle. We will also be doing a lot of biblical study based on the book of 1 Corinthians. In the midst of this format we will have a chance to talk about some of the pressing social issues of our time. The goal is to learn and implement tangible practices that will help us make a positive impact on our world.


This course is especially geared towards those of you who are:

–       seeking wisdom in responding to the major social issues of our time

–       discouraged about the state of our culture

–       looking for practical ways to make a positive impact on our world

–       wondering how faith connects with our everyday work and relationships

–       parents who want to gain a better understand the world their kids live in

This course will begin on January 8th.  We will continue to meet on Wednesday nights at 6:45 in the fellowship hall from January to April following our simple supper.  Looking forward to a great time of conversation and growth as we seek to increase our cultural understanding and figure out how to live faithfully in our ever changing world.


  1. Count me in on the course. I for one think it is good that we are living in a post ‘something’ culture. Christ always calls us to be counter-cultural and for too long we Americans have let the standard fare of ‘church on sunday’ be our moral compass. It’s time we show the world an alternative way to live.

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