Posted by: Philip Rushton | June 11, 2013

Prayer Retreat 2013


Last year we hosted our first day of prayer down at Mt. Angel. Many who participated in the event last year told me that it was a transformative experience for their spiritual lives, so we have decided to host the event again!

I suspect that some of you may be curious about what this day is all about. Maybe you are sitting on the fence about coming because you are unsure of what you are signing up for! So I thought I’d provide you with a quick overview of the purpose and structure of the day. I met with our planning team this week to plan out a meaningful day for you.

The purpose of the day is to provide you with space to spend time in personal reflection and prayer. The hope is that we will not just talk about prayer but actually experience it. However, the idea of spending a day in prayer can seem pretty intimidating to many of us. So we have organized the day in such a way that you will be given resources to help you have a meaningful time with God.

The day will begin with a gathering time in the conference center where we will have coffee and a light breakfast. I will begin the day with a short teaching session on prayer and outline the schedule for the day. You will then have space to get acquainted with the Grotto and take some time for personal reflection. You will be given a guide that will provide you with resources for three different sessions of personal prayer. The first session will focus on reflecting on the love of God, the second session will be focused on confession, and the third session will lead you through a time of meditating on a text from scripture. The guide we are using provides a great balance of structure and space. It provides you with scriptures to reflect on and space for silence and reflection. You will also be provided with some optional resources for spending time discerning God’s will for your life, or praying through the stations of the cross, so that you can tailor this day to your situation in life.

Along with this personal space for prayer we will also have a corporate aspect to the day. In the middle of the day we will break for a lunch that is catered at the conference center. At the end of the day we will gather together as a group for a prayer service with communion.

This year we will be hosting our day of prayer at The Grotto in Portland, OR. The Grotto is a beautiful place with over 60 acres of gardens, a monastery, a beautiful prayer chapel, and a conference center for us to meet as a group. We will be meeting at the church at 8am on Saturday July 27 to carpool down. We will be home by 5pm. The cost for the retreat will be $25 dollars, which includes coffee, light breakfast, lunch, snacks and admission to the upper gardens. Let me know if you are interested in coming. We would love to have you join us.

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