Posted by: Philip Rushton | August 18, 2012

Surgery Date For James

Things continue to move along in the life of James. We finally received a surgery date for him this week. Granted he is not bumped by an emergency case, James will undergo his open heart surgery on Thursday September 13. So we have about 4 weeks to go.

We talked with the cardiologist on the phone yesterday after he met with the surgical team. It looks hopeful that James will not need any surgical intervention on his pulmonary valve. This is good news! Pulmonary stenosis is one of the symptoms of Tetrology of Fallot, and if it is significant it often requires multiple open heart surgeries throughout life. It looks like this may be the only surgery James will need. The main part of the operation will be closing the large hole between the two chambers with a patch.

We are praying that James will not be bumped from this surgery date. We really want to move on with things. Things have become increasingly difficult this week. Even with the feeding tube he is struggling to gain weight. He only put on 3 ounces this week. He is having trouble keeping his food down. Almost every feed now ends in a projectile vomit. We are trying to change his diet a bit, however, the cardiologist said that this is probably just a sign that he is getting weaker because of his heart. He said that this is very normal for cardiac kids. So we would appreciate prayers that we can get through this next four weeks.

The prospect of surgery is also becoming a bit scary now that it is on the calendar. While we want to get to this point it is also nerve racking to think about the procedure and recovery. I had a weird dream last night that I was having heart surgery and part of the procedure involved me swimming across the Columbia river while I was being operated on. I’ll leave that for you to analyze:)

Thanks for your prayers and support.


  1. Prayers and more prayers for the 3 of you – that the date for surgery will not be bumped, that little James will gain a few more ounces, the surgery moves along as planned. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
    P.S. Phil, I didn’t know you had dreams of becoming such an athlete!
    XO Carol

  2. Hmmm…when I went to a cardiologist several years ago for repeated heart palpitations (it turned out I was just consuming too much Red Bull), they had me do a stress test on a treadmill. Now I want to call my physician here and ask them if their cardiology doctors do their stress tests on the Columbia River. =)

    I’m really pulling for you guys, that the surgery goes well and that it is the only operation that James will need. When Jesus healed a boy in Mark 9, He said that all things can be done for someone who believes…and I’m believing y’all will be fine.

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