Posted by: Philip Rushton | June 18, 2012

Commissioned to Create: A call for songs and artwork based on the Psalms

This week I am putting together the final pieces for our summer focus on the Psalms. On Sunday I will be distributing a handout with an interactive process for praying through the Psalms this summer. I will be using this blog as a venue for in-depth teaching on the Psalms during the summer months. I also recommend two books as helpful guides for the journey:

1. Eugene Peterson’s, Praying with the Psalms

This is an accessible devotional book, where Peterson provides short insights and prayers based on his reading of the Psalms. Peterson is following an annual schedule, so you will need to adapt it to our summer schedule as needed.

2. Walter Brueggemann’s, Praying the Psalms: Engaging Scripture and the Life of the Spirit.

This is a more in-depth study on engaging with the Psalms. Brueggemann is one of the leading Old Testament scholars of our day. However, in this volume he writes for a broader audience, talking about how to not just understand the Psalms but make them a meaningful source for our own spiritual growth.

You can order them today on,, or

But here is the latest news!!

In conjunction with our summer in the Psalms, we want to commission you to use your creative gifts to express what you are learning in the Psalms. The Psalms, after all, are works of art, crafted as poems and songs. If you are musical we encourage you to write a song based on one of the Psalms. If you are a visual artist or photographer, we are encouraging you to create a piece that is inspired by the Psalms. In September we will be hosting an “Evening of the Arts” at the Electric Bean Coffee House, where musicians can perform their music and artists can display their art. We are also going to work towards recording a C.D. in August of some of the songs created from within our congregation. You can get in touch with either me or Pastor Chris for more information about sharing your work. You are commissioned to go and create!


  1. WOW! Richard Rohr would enjoy knowing this. We’re encouraged by your boldness.

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