Posted by: Philip Rushton | April 23, 2012

“While I Drink My Glass of Wittenberg Beer”

Today marks my first full week back at the church after the birth of James. It is good to be back! I have my to do list made and I am ready to take on some new projects. However, it was wonderful to have some time away. Thanks to everyone at the church who made it possible for me to focus on James and Julie!

There is something important about the rhythm of having time off. This is especially true in our busy, fast paced culture. When we step back from the daily grind we are given the gift of perspective. We come to the humbling realization that the world actually does not fall apart if we take two weeks off! The practice of rest or sabbath is really an act of faith. As we rest we recognize that God is ultimately in control and we are merely partners in the things he has initiated.

Martin Luther has a great quote that captures this point. He writes, “While I drink my glass of Wittenberg beer, the gospel runs its course.”

Luther wrote these words in the midst of an overwhelming schedule of ministry. He was teaching, pastoring, and overseeing an unprecedented reform movement. Yet, in the midst of all the things he was involved in, he recognized that it was okay to rest. His ability to take a break was founded on his belief that God is the initiator of the work of the gospel. Luther realized that the success of the kingdom of God rests securely in the hands of God.

As I step back into the work of the church I have a renewed sense of hope that God will see his kingdom come and his will be done here in Longview and beyond! Cheers!

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