Posted by: Philip Rushton | April 6, 2012

James Mercer Rushton

Hey Everyone,

Julie and I are proud to announce the safe arrival of our precious baby boy James Mercer Rushton! He was born Tuesday April 3 at 12:50pm, just 3 quick hours after arriving at the hospital. Julie did great!

James is a family name on the Rushton side. My middle name is James, named after a grandfather and an uncle. Mercer is a family name on the Ross side. The famous Mercer brothers, of whom Mercer Island in Seattle is named after, is part of Julie’s heritage. All of the Ross men had Mercer as their middle name up until Julie’s dad. We thought we’d re-instate the tradition, mainly because we think it is a unique and cool name. Plus, we were listening to NPR last week and they interviewed the lead singer of a band we like, and found out his name was James Mercer. So that sort of sealed the deal!

James and Julie are doing well. We made it through our first night at home. Julie’s parents are staying with us for a few days which is a big help. Plus I think they kind of like it too! It’s a win-win situation.

We did have a bit of a dramatic end to our hospital stay. The pediatrician heard a slight heart murmur in James. While this is often normal for newborns, she was concerned that it was lasting past 48 hours and so she ordered an echo, ekg and x-ray of the chest to be evaluated down at OHSU. It appears that there is a slight septal defect between the ventricles. We have to go to OHSU to see the Pediatric Cardiologist on Monday. Please keep us in your prayers. It was an emotional day for us yesterday. However, James is doing really well and there appear to be no problems with his vitals!

Thanks for all your love and support. We will be laying low for a couple of weeks and I have scheduled 2 weeks off from the church to be with Julie during this transition. We look forward to introducing you to James in a couple of weeks!



  1. So very glad to hear the good news. We rejoice with you! Just think….this REALLLLLLLLLLLLy is the beginning of the rest of your lives, so different from what you have known in the past. Joys and sorrows and blessings…all down the road, waiting for you.

    Welcome to our newest guest. Longview Community Church looks forward to watching him grow in the Lord and becoming a very special addition.

    Blessings on you all,
    In His love,
    Doris James

  2. What a cutie! Congrats to all 3 of you.

    • Thanks Norm,

      This should explain my absence from Deacons on Tuesday! Hope things are well!

  3. Congratulations! A new addition to the Family of Faith! We are pleased to hear that everything went so well, and you are now joyful parents. God’s Blessings upon your whole family….grandparents, you two, and your new son. May all that you wish for in life be realized.

    With all our love,

    Harlan & Shirley Gilliland

  4. Thank you for sharing with us your special time of welcoming James into the world. You have such a large following, lots of prayers coming your way.

  5. So excited to see the new addition to your family! What a beautiful blessing! You have been in our prayers and we’re glad James is doing well dispite the heart condition! We will continue to pray for him as well as you two! We love you all! God Bless! Christine Kelly

  6. Happy Baby, Phil and Julie… Great job, Julie! What a fine little man! Welcome to the world James Mercer… Penrose… Rushton…tee hee…even though we know the name is James Mercer Rushton, Dave just had to say that.
    We can remember being told shortly after the birth of our 1st miracle baby, Jessica, that she had a hip click. It was very emotional; however after 9 months of triple diapering and wearing a sling, her hips were fully and perfectly formed. These little ones sometimes come to us in need of just a bit more finishing. Praying God’s peace as you await your Monday appointment and God’s complete healing for James’ slight septal situation.

    Wishing you a cozy babymoon…

    Love and celebration,

    The Hicks

    • Thanks Dave and Gail. Penrose certainly made the short list! Thanks again for filling in with our bible read through group this week.

  7. Congratulations, what a beautiful little boy! Thanks for posting the pictures; they made us smile.
    We rejoice with you…
    love, Dean and Barbara Adams

  8. Hi Phil, Julie and little James,
    Congratulations to you both on such a beautiful little boy. You all look wonderful and very happy. Can’t wait to see more pictures of him. Uncle Leonard thinks James has a great name. We’re thinking about you and we’ll be in touch. Big hugs and kisses for James.
    Love Leonard and Debbie X0

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