Posted by: Philip Rushton | March 22, 2012

Baby Poll!!

To be honest, I am having trouble focusing today! Last week our doctor made the mistake of telling us that he thought the baby was imminent. Every since that appointment I’ve been expecting the call from Julie that labor has started. I call her 3-4 times a day just to make sure the cell phones are still working. At the appointment on Monday we discovered that the doctors interpretation of ‘imminent’ was different then we expected. Basically he said it could come soon or it could still take an another week or so. That doesn’t really help us. The due date is a week today!

So I thought I’d put out a quick poll to get your opinion on two unknowns:


  1. April 1 would be funny. 🙂 My sister’s due date was 4/1, but she came 2 days early, and thus my parents named her April because she fooled them. Good luck and looking forward to meeting Baby Rushton!

  2. April 1 would most definitely NOT be funny. I had an uncle born on that day and it’s just terrible for him. Everyone thinks their joke about his birthday is the first one ever and he gets lots of prank gifts on his birthday.

  3. I voted for the 23rd but then realized if that happened we wouldn’t see you at Payton’s. So change my vote to the 24th.

  4. Your sweet little child will be born on April 1, no fooling!!! and it will be a healthy baby!!!!

  5. Just for the record, I think it will be a boy and will come on March 27th!

  6. April 1, girl

  7. girl, march 25

  8. Boy, april 7

  9. Girl April 7th:)

  10. Well it looks like nobody one the date poll – o votes for April 3. Thanks for joining in the vote!

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