Posted by: Philip Rushton | October 5, 2011

McDonald’s Big Mac Triumphs Over The Ten Commandments

In October of 2007, Kelton Research Agency conducted a poll to discover the state of biblical literacy in America. Their research discovered that while 80% of Americans know the ingredients to a “Big Mac,” only 60% know that “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” is in the Ten Commandments.

This is just one of many statistics that reveal how biblical illiteracy is on the decline. Another alarming stat from the Barna group is that 81% of Christians believe, “God helps those who help themselves,” is a bible verse. So much for justification by faith alone I guess.

These stats can easily sound like a guilt trip, but that’s not the point. The reason why these stats are discouraging is that we are missing out on a life giving opportunity. Scripture reading is commended to us because it is a means of experiencing the fullness of life (John 6:33), a way we discover God’s plan of salvation (Romans 1:16), a way in which we can mature and grow (2 Tim 3:17), and a way that we can be in relationship with God (1 John 2:24)

According to a poll by Tyndale Publishing house, the main reason why people do not read the bible is because they find it too confusion. The poll concludes, “64 percent of Americans said they did not read the Bible because they are too busy. Eighty percent said the Bible is too confusing and hard to understand.”

I totally understand this. Reading scripture is challenging, and it is hard to remain accountable to it.

If you are interesting in getting back into scripture, Julie and I would love to have you join us as we start our new Bible Read Through group tonight at the church. Yes, here’s one more shameless plug! Tonight we’re going to set out on the journey of reading through the New Testament. As a group we’re going to meet Wednesday nights to share what we’re learning, ask questions about what we’re struggling with, and learn some skills on how to interpret the bible more effectively. Tonight is sort of an informational night to catch the vision and learn more about what this group is all about.

Simple Supper begins at 6 in the fellowship hall and our group will start around 6:45.


  1. To be fair the 80% number was how many knew there were two beef patties in a Big Mac not the whole list of ingredients. Still it’s surprising so few don’t know Don’t Kill is in the Ten Commandments. I’d think more would know that, and even more surprising that 70% of church goers still supposedly don’t know that commandment.

    Good luck with your group today. Hope you get a big turn out. It’s an important thing to do.

    And don’t worry about “shameless plugs” Paul himself made them so I think it’s okay.

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