Posted by: Philip Rushton | May 4, 2011

A Plea For Community House

This blog devotes a lot of time to thinking about how our faith implicates the way we engage with our culture. I’m an idea guy – I think good ideas can change the world! Many social justice endeavors have been spurred on and sustained by the theological idea that people are made in the image of God and thereby have intrinsic worth. Yet, if all we do is talk about transforming our community without doing anything about it we miss the point. It’s the equivalent of a fisherman talking about how to fish without actually going out and doing it!

Many of you probably read in The Daily News today that our local homeless shelter “Community House,” is in trouble. They need to raise 100,000 dollars by the end of the year to keep the 24 year old shelter on Broadway operational.

The following link outlines the situation in greater detail and explains the important role Community House has for those with needs in our community.

I feel compelled to respond to this plea personally and would encourage you to consider helping Community House in anyway you can!

Checks and money orders can be sent to Community House on Broadway, P.O. Box 403, Longview, WA 98632.


  1. Thanks Phil for sending this out. I can’t imagine our County without Community House. We all need to support this wonderful ministry.


  2. Wait a minute, are we sure that an institutional facility is better than bringing those folks into our homes for the personal touch they need? Looking at the demographics of our church, it seems maybe someone just might have a spare bedroom. St Francis of Assisi, ” the extra coat in your closet belongs to the beggar in the street”. Let the organic church arise!

    • Hey Gil,

      I think it’s beneficial to have institutional support coincide with grassroots ‘organic church’ response to those in need. There is a danger, though, in us thinking that we can just write a check and off load our responsibility to somebody else. The reality is that places like Community House cannot respond to all the needs in our community. Furthermore, some people find relief shelters to be very hard places to live. So I think you are right to call us to not only financially support these institutions but to find ways that we might directly help those in need.

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