Posted by: Philip Rushton | January 4, 2011

Tater Tot Casserole and Spiritual Formation

With the holidays behind us, the regular programs at church are set to begin! Wednesday nights will continue to be the focal point of our church life during the week. We will continue the tradition of having a community dinner at 6:00 PM every week, which is followed by programs for kids, youth, and adults. Here are a few reasons you should come!

1. Going Against The Grain of Suburbia

One of the problems sociologists have found with modern suburban living is that people are becoming increasingly disconnected from each other. Long commutes, excessive television watching, and modern communication devices all work together to insulate us from community. Yet, we read in scripture that life is meant to be done together. The early church met regularly to have meals and to spend time in prayer and study (Acts 2:42). Living life together is a proven remedy to the malaise of modern living! Wednesday nights is a great way to enjoy life together and to connect with others.

2. Culinary Relief

Every week we start with a meal together, which means you do not have to cook! For 3.50 a person and 12 dollars a family you get a home cooked meal that includes a full salad bar and dessert!

3. Replacing The Neon Lights

One of my mentors during seminary lamented that evangelical Christianity has become a bit too “neon.” What he means is that a lot of modern Christianity has focused on being flashy and marketable at the expense of focusing on growth and discipleship. In fact Willow Creek recently published a study called Reveal, where they realized that while they were successful at bringing people into the church they failed to disciple people and lead them towards growth. Jesus reminds us in Matthew 5:13-16 that authentic disciples create a true light in the world. So one of our major focuses at Longview Community Church is to help us develop a deeper and more authentic faith. To do so we are offering a number of adult education courses on Wednesday night.

Gail Berg will be leading a parenting course based on Henry Cloud and John Townsend’s best seller Boundaries with Kids. This course will tackle the practical challenges of raising kids and will be a safe place to find support and encouragement on the difficult road of parenting.

Pastor John is leading a study on a book titled Simple Life, by Thom Rainer. This study seeks to bring clarity and focus to how we approach time, relationships, money and spirituality. If you are feeling stressed, or like life is out of sync this might be a good course for you!

I will be leading a course on Spiritual Discernment. This course tackles the important yet often neglected question, “how do you know it is God’s will?” This course seeks to move beyond the worn out lingo and unhelpful cliches we use to talk about discernment. We will be developing a biblical model for learning to distinguish between the voice of Jesus and the voices of emotional turmoil, cultural expectation and evil. This course will draw on ancient wisdom from Ignatius of Loyola and Jonathan Wesley, as well as Gordon Smith’s contemporary study on discernment titled The Voice of Jesus.

4. Free Child Care!

If nothing else, Wednesday night gives you a break from the kids! We offer child care for the little ones, an exciting kids program for the older kids, and a youth group for middle schoolers.

Hope to see you there! Everything starts this Wednesday at 6:00PM.


  1. Thanks for the reminder “Living life together is a proven remedy to the malaise of modern living!”. I know I need to be reminded of that because it is often easier to just go it alone because of busy schedules. Pastor John challenges us to “order our lives” towards the family of God whenever there is a baptism and that has struck a chord in my life to be and stay connected to this family of followers of Christ.

  2. I signed up for Pastor John’s class but maybe should switch. Felt led to visit a guy in jail ( surely a call from God ) but when I got there he was in lock down and couldn’t be seen for 5 days. So, was that prompt from where? Self talk, guilt, God testing me ????? so much I don’t know!
    Keep on keepin on…………………….

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