Posted by: Philip Rushton | December 22, 2010

Blue Christmas

A prayer for friends and family who are are dealing with grief or loss this Christmas season.
Grace and peace to you in Jesus Christ, Emmanuel.

By liturgist and poet Thomas M Shuman.

Holy God of Advent:
you became weak
so we could find strength
in moments of heartbreak;
you left the safety of heaven
to wander the wilderness of the world,
holding our hands when we feel so hopeless;
you set aside your glory
to hold our pain so we might be healed,
even when there seems to be no hope;
you became one of us,
so we could never be alone
in any moment,
in any circumstance.

So come now,
Child of Bethlehem,
to strengthen us in these days.
May we feel your presence
in a way we have never known,
not just as One born in a stable
long ago and far away,
but as One born in our hearts,
in our hopes, in our spirits,
in our weakness.
You have promised to go before us:
into our brokenness, into hospital rooms,
into empty houses, into graveyards,
into our future held by our God.
You are here, even now,
waiting for each of us:
to serve us,
to hold us,
to comfort us,
to live in us, now and forever. Amen.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Phil. . . it is so beautifully written and speaks such Truth in those intense and isolating moments of grief and loss when nothing else can bring comfort. Love you and we are so looking forward to seeing you and Julie soon.

  2. Hey Erin,

    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for being on the front lines of this issue as a grief counselor. I suspect this poem comes to life for you as you read it in context of your work. Looking forward to seeing you in and Kelly in a couple of days.

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