Posted by: Philip Rushton | October 18, 2010

Orange With Anticipation

For our anniversary in June I bought Julie a bell pepper plant. Those of you following the blog will know that this plant has become a visible countdown for us in our move to Longview. The peppers were supposed to be ready to eat by the time our visa came. I’ve been posting regular updates of the plant on one of the side bars. However, we were starting to get a bit disappointed with the plant. The peppers were supposed to turn orange but it was not happening.

When we went away for a couple of weeks, we dropped off the plant at my parents house so they could take care of it. Throughout the process my mother was very skeptical that the plant would turn orange, but she also knew how excited we were to see this thing grow. So she took this opportunity to pull a practical joke on us. When we arrived home to pick up the plant she faked us out by taping a store bought orange pepper onto the plant. Needless to say, she had a good laugh as she watched us shift from arrogant gardeners to gullible children in a matter of seconds!

So it is with great joy that we discovered our peppers starting to turn orange this week. We moved the plant indoors and within a day the pre-determined color of our peppers started to show. Take that mom!

In the end our bell pepper countdown has lived up to it’s expectations. A week from today we fly out to Montreal for my final visa interview. I am planning to have an orange pepper omelet before we leave!


  1. yeah! Sense of humor.

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