Posted by: Philip Rushton | September 16, 2010

Immigration Update – A Good One This Time!!

Well we finally received some good news about the final step of our visa process. Yesterday we received an unexpected e-mail with our interview being assigned at the Montreal consulate!! Our interview is on Oct 26th. Granted everything goes well, which at this stage there is no reason why it would not, we will be granted the visa approval on the spot and receive it in the mail within the week! So our estimated move to Longview will be the first week of November!!

Thanks to all who have endured this long journey with us. We have faced some unprecedented set-backs at almost every leg of the journey. Can’t wait to get the U-Haul packed and get settled!!


  1. Great News!

  2. Praise God! We’re excited to know the end is in sight for the waiting and for the beginning of a new journey in Longview.

  3. Praise be! Try not to be like the rest of those silly Yanks south of the border,eh.

  4. So happy for you and Julie! God Bless as you start on this new adventure. We will miss you both but now have a reason to take a road trip!
    love you both!

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