Posted by: Philip Rushton | August 16, 2010

Text Patterns: New Song Based on Psalm 13

I’ve just finished recording a song that I wrote this week. You can listen to it and download it below. Those who are following the blog will know that I am working on a worship project titled “Text Patterns.” The major goal of the project is to take direct passages of scripture and turn them into song. These recordings are what we call “scratch tracks” in the studio world. These are some rough drafts that I’ll hopefully turn into fully produced songs in the future.

This latest song is based on Psalm 13. This psalm captures an aspect of prayer and worship that is often overlooked in the church – lament. David shows a brutal honesty in this song when he calls out to God in frustration and confusion. He questions God asking, “How long oh Lord? Will you forget me forever?” David, as we know, faced a lot of hardship in his spiritual journey. For a whole decade he lived in the wilderness fleeing the wrath of king Saul.

Yet, this psalm takes an unexpected turn at the end. David ends by proclaiming his faith in God. He proclaims that God’s love is unfailing and his salvation is cause for rejoicing. He remembers that God has been good to him and so he is still able to sing.

This song is written for those of you who are going through a tough time right now. It is my hope that these words of scripture will help give shape to your prayers in the midst of hardship. This psalm models for us both honesty and hope.

Julie and I have had a particularly difficult week this week. We did not get an interview assigned this week when we were expecting one and Julie’s purse got stolen with her passport and all her i.d. So now she is stranded in Canada as well till we can get her a new passport in Vancouver. As the journey to the USA continues I have found myself resonating with this psalm. “How long oh Lord? Will You forget me forever?” And yet I have been challenged by David to hold on to hope, to preserve the memories of God’s faithfulness in the past, and to put my trust in his unfailing love. Though I spent most of last week living in the first part of this psalm I can honestly say that I feel ready to sing the last part. There is hope, because God’s love is unfailing!


  1. well I haven’t overlooked Lamenting in my life. I’ve always related to the Melancholy baby, that I felt David was, the musician part, the introspective poet. I’ve always seen him as very imperfect, and what I get from David, is not running away from God, but running To God. anytime, I tried to run away, just didn’t work! 🙂
    But even though I have had melancholy and lamenting sorrows, I feel that is a normal transportation of our hearts and souls. I have Not felt particularly depressed. some people get that mixed up from the outside viewing in. I think a range of emotions and expression is a good thing.

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