Posted by: Philip Rushton | July 13, 2010

Text Patterns Part 3: Listen to and Download my Latest Song “Come To Me” based on Matt 11:28-30

Those of you who have been following the blog will know that I am currently working on a contemporary worship project titled “Text Patterns.” The idea behind this project is to write simple songs based directly on passages of scripture.

This past Sunday I preached on Matthew 11:28-30. In response to the message I wrote a song based on the text for us to sing. The song is structured with four verses, which alternate between God’s invitation and our response. As promised I recorded it today so you can listen and download!

John Newton used to write songs to go along with his weekly sermons so that his congregation would remember the text and allow it to ruminate within their hearts and minds. As I wrote in an earlier post, the songs we sing are very formative for us spiritually. In fact, the Catholic church was more concerned with Luther’s hymns than with his theological tracts during the reformation, because they realized that it was the lyrics of songs that stuck with people.

This latest song “Come To Me” has been added to my media player. The media player will allow you to listen to it online or download it as an mp3. These are still rough drafts. Maybe some day I’ll actually get some good equipment and do this right. Until then, GarageBand will have to do.


  1. Very cool Phil. Thanks again for filling (or is it Philling?) in Sunday morning. The song/sermon thing was superfantastic.

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