Posted by: Philip Rushton | April 14, 2010

Text Patterns: The Beginnings of a Worship Music Project

Below you will find a media player that will allow you to listen to or download a copy of my newest song “The Lord’s Prayer” . This media player also includes my song Benediction.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been working on a collection of worship songs that derive lyrics directly from passages of scripture. I’ve titled this project “Text Patterns.” The idea is to pattern contemporary worship lyrics directly from the biblical text. The impetus for this project has come from a desire to have contemporary worship songs that are theologically sound.

This project tries to recognize the way in which music contributes to our spiritual formation. When Luther was leading the protestant reformation the Catholic church stated that they were more concerned with the impact of Luther’s hymns than his theological tracts. The Catholic church recognized the power of music to teach and shape peoples understanding of God. As we continue to write songs for the church we need to continually examine the lyrics we are singing. My hope is to write a few songs that draw us directly into scripture.

I should mention that this is very much a rough draft. This is recorded live from my living room on garageband, hence the poor quality. I’m in the process of updating my recording set-up, so a better version may appear later.


  1. Great idea Phil (and great song!). I look forward to hearing more.

  2. What a brave person you are to march into the worship/culture wars. But what a needed area. Music certainly needs looking into, most folks seem to want feel good stuff, which is most often “fluff.”
    And while we are children of the Reformation I think it might be wise to look at our “true” roots and see what worked in the first 15 centuries. I suppose what I am thinking about here is reverence. Probably the next would be confession. I have arrived at true worship (just for me maybe) when my soul weeps at the confessional prayer.
    ………….Peace, Gil………….

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